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Table 3 Final logistic regression model for herd frequency of repeat breeder cows.

From: Characterisation of the Repeat Breeding Syndrome in Swedish Dairy Cattle

Variable β SE(β) Prob.
Intercept -0.468 0.347 n.a.a
Herd size -0.023 0.008 n.a.
Herd average log10SCCb -0.155 0.276 n.a.
Herd average days from calving to 1st AI -0.019 0.002 >0.001
Herd incidence clinical mastitis 0.594 0.209 0.004
Herd incidence reproductive disorders -0.501 0.239 0.036
Herd incidence other vet. treated disorders 1.313 0.655 0.045
Interaction herd size*log10SCC 0.016 0.008 0.038
  1. a not applicable
  2. b Somatic cell count (SCC) was the average of log10 cell counts recorded, and adjusted for effects of breed, parity and milk yield, at official test-month in the period 1–150 days in milk