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Table 1 Diagnosis and outcome.

From: An Investigation of the Ability of the Glutaraldehyde Test to Distinguish between Acute and Chronic Inflammatory Disease in Horses

Horse # Diagnosis Duration Outcome
1 Purulent, bilateral guttural pouch empyema Chronic Fatal (spontaneous)
2 Dorsal rectal abscess Chronic Discharged
3 Traumatic, infected joint capsular laceration Acute Discharged
4 Dorsal rectal abscesses Chronic Discharged
5 Purulent nephritis, lung abscesses, ulcerous dermatitis, myocarditis, fatty liver Chronic Fatal (euthanasia)
6 Severe, idiopathic, systemic infection Acute Fatal (spontaneous)
7 Purulent (jugular) thrombophlebitis (abscess) Chronic Discharged
8 Transportation syndrome, bronchitis/pleuritis, systemic infection Acute Discharged
9 Fibrinopurulent pleuropneumonia Acute Fatal (euthanasia)
10 Systemic, malign lymphoma, borrelia infection Chronic Fatal (euthanasia)
11 Infected tendovaginitis Acute Discharged
12 Intraabdominal abscess, squamous cell carcinoma (ventricle) Chronic Fatal (euthanasia)
13 Septic, purulent arthritis Chronic Discharged
14 Fibrinopurulent pleuropneumonia Acute Fatal (euthanasia)
15 Septicemia, pneumonia, peritonitis Acute Fatal (euthanasia)
16 Severe, purulent, traumatic muscle laceration Chronic Discharged
17 Severe, iatrogenic, muscle abscesses Chronic Discharged
18 Purulent osteomyelitis Chronic Fatal (euthanasia)
19 Severe subcutaneous infection/abscess, funiculitis Chronic Discharged
20 Humerus fracture, subcutaneous infection/abscess Chronic Discharged
21 Bacterial diarrhea Acute Fatal (euthanasia)
22 Abscess, inguinal region Chronic Discharged
23 Scrotal abscesses, postoperative castration Chronic Discharged
24 Necrotizing myositis, multiple subcutaneous abscesses Chronic Discharged
25 Fibrinopurulent septic bicipital bursitis, muscular septic cellulitis Chronic Fatal (euthanasia)
26 Pericarditis, mitral insufficiency, systemic infection Chronic Fatal (euthanasia)
27 Septic peritonitis Chronic Discharged
28 Septic meningitis Acute Discharged
29 Septicemia, premature foal Acute Discharged
30 M. Masseter, throat latch, parotid, jugular abscesses/fistulae Chronic Discharged
31 Systemic infection, septic myositis Chronic Fatal (euthanasia)
32 Systemic infection, possible abdominal/kidney abscess, emaciation Chronic Fatal (euthanasia)
33 Severe, multiple, purulent, septic arthritis Chronic Fatal (euthanasia)
34 Metritis, purulent peritonitis, abdominal abscesses, adherences Chronic Fatal (euthanasia)
35 Purulent, pharyngeal inflammation, choke Acute Discharged
36 Thrombosis pulmonary vessels, Cushing disease, laminitis Chronic Fatal (euthanasia)
37 Systemic intoxication, parasitic aneurysm, intestinal volvulus, paralysis Acute Fatal (euthanasia)