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Table 3 Information on the AI station and herds containing BHV-1 antibody-positive animals

From: Epidemiology and eradication of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis/infectious pustular vulvovaginitis (IBR/IPV) virus in Finland

Herd (station) Type of production Apprx nr animals Nr seropos. animals Year herd detected Epidemiol. connection to Type of contact Cause of detection
A AI station 30 10 1970 abroad import1 Clinical suspicion
B Dairy and beef 450 79 1990 A s2 Clinical suspicion
C Dairy 25 1 1991 B p, a3 Contact herd of B
D Dairy 50 6 1990 E a4 BTM antibody pos.
E Beef, calf rearing 55 2 1991 A, D s Contact herd of D
F Dairy 15 2 1990 A s BTM antibody pos.
  1. 1: see text for details
  2. 2: possibly contaminated semen
  3. 3: same cattle tender working both in B and C; animal
  4. 4: animal