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Table 1 Pathological-anatomical diagnosis (PAD) category and primary PAD from post mortem examination

From: Post mortem findings in sows and gilts euthanised or found dead in a large Swedish herd

Aetiology PAD category Primary PAD
Trauma - fracture bone fractures
  - miscellaneous internal bleedings, haematoma, intestinal
ruptures, dislocation of vertebrae
Disease - arthritis arthritis
  - osteochondrosis osteochondrosis, epiphyseolysis
  - abscess in spinal cord abscess in spinal cord
  - circulatory/cardiac failure circulatory/cardiac failure
  - heart/lung inflammatory reaction pneumonia, abscesses in lung, endocarditis
  - gastrointestinal inflammatory reaction gastritis/ulcers and enteritis
  - miscellaneous otitis media, mastitis, malignant lymphoma,
spinal axon degeneration, malformed hoof,
hepatitis (caused by Ascaris suis), abscess
Unknown   4 due to autolysis, 1 negative section
  1. Data were collected from January 22 to September 4 2006 from a large Swedish herd.