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Figure 2

From: Tumor slices as a model to evaluate doxorubicin in vitro treatment and expression of trios of genes PRSS11, MTSS1, CLPTM1 and PRSS11, MTSS1, SMYD2 in canine mammary gland cancer

Figure 2

Three-dimensional distribution of tumor samples according to expression of three genes: (a) PRSS11, MTSS1, CLPTM1 and (b) PRSS11, MTSS1, SMYD2. Tumor response was defined as a reduction in cell number ≥ 21,7%. Each tumor is represented by a signal: green cross (non-responsive tumors, N = 29), red cross (responsive tumors, N = 9). Relative gene expression is shown on the axis as its natural logarithm value. Fisher linear discrimination test was used to generate a separation plane represented in blue.

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