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Table 1 Ectoparasites of alpaca belonging to the Phylum, Arthropoda.

From: Important ectoparasites of Alpaca (Vicugna pacos)

Order Family Species Disease
Astigmata Sarcoptidae Sarcoptes scabiei sarcoptic mange
  Psoroptidae Chorioptes sp chorioptic mange
   Psoroptes sp psoroptic mange (ear canker)
Prostigmata Demodicidae Demodex sp demodectic mange
Metastigmata Argasida (Soft ticks)   
   Otobius mengnini otitis
  Ixodidae (Hard ticks)1   
   Ixodes holocyclus Tick paralysis
   Dermacentor spp Tick toxicosis
Phthiraptera Sucking lice2 Microthoracius spp  
  Biting lice3 Bovicola (Damalinia) brevis  
Siphonaptera Flees Vermipsylla sp  
Diptera (flies)    
  Culicidae (mosquitos)   
  Simulidae (black flies)   
  Tabanidae Tabanus spp (horse flies, deer fly)  
  Muscidae Musca domestica (house fly)  
   M autumnalis (face fly)  
   Stomoxys calcitrans (biting stable fly)  
   Hydrotea spp  
   Haematobia spp  
  (blowflies) Calliphora sp  
   Cochliomyia hominivorax (primary screw worm)  
   Phaenicia spp (green blow fly)  
   Phormia spp (black blow fly)  
  Oestridae (Bot flies)   
   Oestrus sp  
   Cephenomyia sp  
  1. 1 Alpacas are at risk to be infested by native ticks e.g. in Scandinavia by various Ixodes and Haemophysalis spp, many that are known vectors of pathogens
  2. 2 Suborder; Anoplura
  3. 3 Suborder; Mallophaga