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Table 1 Marek's disease virus strains used in the study.

From: Molecular characteristics of Polish field strains of Marek's disease herpesvirus isolated from vaccinated chickens

Number Name of strain Origin of strain
1 23_07_PL 16-w layers, spleen
2 25_07_PL 20-w breeders, spleen
3 29_07_PL 16-w layers, spleen
4 30_07_PL 17-w breeders, spleen
5 31_07_PL 27-w layers, spleen
6 32_07_PL 27-w layers, spleen
7 2_08_PL 28-w layers, spleen
8 3_08_PL 20-w layers, spleen
9 7_08_PL 26-w layers, spleen
10 8_08_PL 29-w layers, spleen
11 45_08_PL 19-w breeders, spleen
12 48_08_PL 15-w breeders, spleen
13 56_08_PL 21-w layers, spleen
14 73_08_PL 6-w broilers, spleen
15 8_09_PL 5-w broilers, spleen
16 23_09_PL 17-w layers, spleen
17 26_09_PL 32-w layers, spleen
18 40_09_PL 18-w breeders, spleen
19 42_09_PL 7-w broilers, spleen
20 45_09_PL 18-w layers, spleen
21 51_09_PL 18-w layers, spleen
22 81_09_PL 26-w layers, spleen
23 82_09_PL 25-w layers, spleen
24 86_09_PL 28-w layers, spleen
25 8_10_PL 24-w layers, spleen
26 10_10_PL 19-w layers, spleen
27 11_10_PL 25-w layers, spleen
28 30_10_PL 27-w layers, spleen
29 61_10_PL 6-w broilers, spleen
30 BAC_31_07Δmeq BAC-clone from Escherichia coli GST1763 cells
31 BAC_7_08 BAC clone from Escherichia coli GST1763 cells
32 HPRS 16 Houghton Poultry Research Station, Huntingdon UK
33 CVI/988 Rispens Commercial vaccine (Mérial)
  1. All strains were passed 3 times in chicken embryo kidney cells.
  2. W: week-old, CEK: chicken embryo kidney cells, BAC_31_07Δmeq: deletive strain of 31_07 strain in bacterial artificial chromosome.