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Table 2 Sequences of meq oncogene and long terminal repeats sequence fragment of reticuloendotheliosis virus genome submitted to NCBI Genebank database.

From: Molecular characteristics of Polish field strains of Marek's disease herpesvirus isolated from vaccinated chickens

Strain Accession number Strain Accession number
25_07_PL Genebank:HQ204792 3_08_PL Genebank:HQ204809
8_10_PL Genebank:HQ204793 7_08_PL Genebank:HQ204810
10_10_PL Genebank:HQ204794 8_08_PL Genebank:HQ204811
11_10_PL Genebank:HQ204795 12_08_PL Genebank:HQ204812
30_10_PL Genebank:HQ204796 45_08_PL Genebank:HQ204813
8_09_PL Genebank:HQ204797 56_08_PL Genebank:HQ204814
23_09_PL Genebank:HQ204798 73_08_PL Genebank:HQ204815
40_09_PL Genebank:HQ204799 LTR 7_08 Genebank:HQ204816
42_09_PL Genebank:HQ204800 LTR 11_10 Genebank:HQ204817
45_09_PL Genebank:HQ204801 LTR 29_07 Genebank:HQ204818
51_09_PL Genebank:HQ204802 LTR 31_07 Genebank:HQ204819
81_09_PL Genebank:HQ204803 LTR 30_10 Genebank:HQ204820
82_09_PL Genebank:HQ204804 LTR 42_09 Genebank:HQ204821
29_07_PL Genebank:HQ204805 LTR 45_08 Genebank:HQ204822
31_07_PL Genebank:HQ204806 LTR 45_09 Genebank:HQ204823
32_07_PL Genebank:HQ204807 LTR 51_09 Genebank:HQ204824
2_08_PL Genebank:HQ204808 LTR 82_09 Genebank:HQ204825