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Figure 2

From: Morphological and functional alterations in adult boar epididymis: Effects of prenatal and postnatal administration of flutamide

Figure 2

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of apoptotic cells visualized using the in situ death detection kit POD. Representative micrographs (A-F) and a histogram (G) of apoptotic cell number. Note increased number of apoptotic epithelial cells (D-F) and germ cells (inserts in D-F) along the epididymis of the GD20 group. Apoptotic cells are pointed out by arrows. Negative control sections, processed without TdT buffer, showed no staining (insert in B). Scale bars represent 20 μm. Values represent the mean ± SD number of TUNEL-positive germ cells per 100 epididymal duct sections. Significant differences from control values are denoted as *p < 0.05 (n = 3 for each group).

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