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Figure 5

From: Purification of chicken carbonic anhydrase isozyme-III (CA-III) and its measurement in White Leghorn chickens

Figure 5

IEF-PAGE of purified chicken CA-III. The single bond of purified chicken CA-III was observed. Lane 1, high pI calibration markers. The high isoelectric point kit contains β-lactoglobulin A (5.20), bovine CA-B (5.85), human CA-B (6.55), horse myoglobin-acidic band (6.85), horse myoglobin-basic band (7.35), lentil lectin-acidic band (8.15), lentil lectin-middle band (8.45), lentil lectin-basic band (8.65), and trypsinogen (9.30); lane 2, chicken CA-III.

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