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Figure 8

From: Purification of chicken carbonic anhydrase isozyme-III (CA-III) and its measurement in White Leghorn chickens

Figure 8

Developmental changes in erythrocyte CA-III levels in male and female WL-chickens. Means and standard deviations of erythrocyte CA-III concentrations (μg/g of Hb) in male (top) and female (bottom) WL-chickens. The number of samples is shown on the column. The CA-III level in erythrocytes of male WL-chickens did not change significantly from 3 to 27 weeks of age. The mean levels of CA-III in male WL-chicken erythrocytes at 30, 52, and 59 weeks of age were less than that at 20 weeks of age (p < 0.05). The levels of CA-III in female chicken erythrocytes (1 week old) did not change until 16 weeks of age. From 21 weeks of age, the CA-III levels in female WL-chickens increased significantly at 25, 31, 49, and 63 weeks of age. The level of CA-III in hemolysate from female WL-chickens peaked at 63 weeks of age. The CA-III then decreased gradually until 73 weeks of age and increased again until 93 weeks of age. : *: p < 0.05, **: p < 0.01.

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