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Figure 3

From: Contamination of livestock due to the operation of a small waste incinerator: a case incident in Skutulsfjörður, Iceland, in 2010

Figure 3

Concentration of PCDD/Fs and total dioxins and dioxin-like PCBs in lamb and ewes from Engidalur 2011. Average values in Icelandic lamb from a previous survey in 2003-2004 (n=5) and control samples taken in 2011 (n=3) are also presented as a comparison. Lamb A-D are lambs from Engidalur that are known to have grazed outside Engidalur prior to slaughtering. Lambs E-G are known to have grazed in Engidalur. The four ewe samples were from Engidalur with ewes A-B and E grazing in the valley during summer but receiving hay from outside the valley during winter. Ewe D received hay from the valley during winter but grazed outside the valley during summer.

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