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Table 10 Numbers of CD45RA+naïve lymphoid cells in IFA and FA of the ileal PP of pigs treated at Day 0 with POE-POP after 5 weeks of the experiment

From: Effect of polyoxyethylene and polyoxypropylene nonionic block copolymers on performance and recruitment of immune cell subsets in weaned pigs

Treatmenta Mean no.of CD45RA+cellsbin Index of increase/decrease and % of increase of the mean no. ileal CD45RA+cells inc
Saline 85.80 504.80 1,00 1,00
POE-POP 173.60 784.00 +1.76 +1.55
Difference (POE-POP vs. Saline) 87.80* 279.20** 76% 55%
  1. aSingle p.o. application of 10 ml of either saline or POE-POP at Day 0; 5 pigs per group were euthanatized and sampled at Day 35 of the experiment. bNo. of the cells per μm2 of randomly selected 12 microscopic fields (average area of digital image field was 71.168,87 μm2) in each of 5 serial sections of mid ileum per pig. cIncrease (+) or decrease (−) of the mean values in treated pigs vs. the mean values in control pigs (1.0 or 100%). Values differ significantly at *p < 0.05 or ** p < 0.01.