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Table 2 Primary and secondary Abs used for immunohistological identification/localization and morphometric quantification of CD45+lymphoid cells residing ileal mucosa of 9-week-old pigs (N = 2) following 5 weeks after the treatment with a single dose of 10 mL of POE-POP copolymer

From: Effect of polyoxyethylene and polyoxypropylene nonionic block copolymers on performance and recruitment of immune cell subsets in weaned pigs

Abs Targeted marker Isotype Clone/conjugate Cellular/molecular specificity Origin
Primary mAb CD45RA IgG1 MIL13 Subset of immunologically naive lymphoid cells AbD Serotec, Kidlington, Oxford, UK
SecondaryAbs Mouse IgG IgG IgG:HRP Rabbit Ab against mouse IgG Abcam, Cambridge, UK
  Goat IgG IgG IgG:HRP Goat Ab against rabbit IgG