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Table 1 Examination of female reproductive organs from hunter-harvested Swedish moose ( Alces alces )

From: Reproductive characteristics in female Swedish moose (Alces alces), with emphasis on puberty, timing of oestrus, and mating

Structure Substructure Count Measurement Other
Uterus    L1, WGHT2, Content (embryos/fetuses, fetal membranes, fluid,), Appearance: presence of enlarged blood vessels in the cut surface between the broad ligament and the uterus.
Caruncles Number   Appearance: prominent or non-prominent
Mucosa    Appearance: colour, texture
Embryos Number CRL3, WGHT
Fetuses Number CRL3, WGHT
Ovaries Corpus luteum Number L1, W4, H5, WGHT  
Follicles Number Diameter (mm)
Corpus albicans Number
Cervix     Content (spermatozoa)
  1. 1L = length (cm).
  2. 2WGHT = weight (gram).
  3. 3CRL = crown-rump length (cm).
  4. 4W = width (cm).
  5. 5H = height (cm).