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Table 2 Criteria for categorization of reproductive stage of harvested female moose from southern Sweden

From: Reproductive characteristics in female Swedish moose (Alces alces), with emphasis on puberty, timing of oestrus, and mating

Category Description and criteria for the different categories based on appearance and size of structures in the ovaries and the uterus.
1 Pre-pubertal heifer: small uterus and ovaries, no corpus luteum, i.e. no sign of previous ovulation.
2 Heifer, pubertal, in first oestrus: large mature follicle (>10 mm), close to ovulation, or recently ovulated (corpus luteum <10 mm, passed puberty).
3 Heifer, pubertal, passed first oestrus: corpus luteum ≥10 mm (in first dioestrus*).
4 Heifer, pregnant (>2 weeks): presence of embryo or fetus.
5 Cow, in oestrus or recently passed first oestrus of the season: presence of mature follicle (>10 mm) or newly developed corpus luteum (<10 mm).
6 Cow, passed first oestrus of season: large corpus luteum (≥10 mm).
7 Cow, pregnant (>2 weeks): presence of embryo or fetus.
8 Cow, returned to oestrus: Presence of regressed corpus luteum, together with a mature follicle (>10 mm), or a new corpus luteum.
9 Cow in anoestrus: no signs of large mature follicles (>10 mm) or ovulation (no fresh corpus luteum) during the present season.
  1. *luteal stage of the oestrus cycle where the progesterone production of the corpus luteum reaches its peak.