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Table 1 Antibodies used for multichannel immunofluorescence microscopy

From: Morphologic and phenotypic characteristics of myocarditis in two pigs infected by foot-and mouth disease virus strains of serotypes O or A

Antigen Clone Supplier/Product ID Isotype Reactivity
FMDV VP1 6HC4 in-house IgG2b FMDV serotype A capsid [[16]]
FMDV VP1 10GA4 in-house IgG3 FMDV serotype O capsid [[17]]
Actin Acta-1 Lifespan Biosciences/ Rabbit Actin
CD163 2A10-11 Serotec/MCA2311GA IgG1 Monocytes, macrophages
CD172a 74-22-15a Wasington State University/PG2031 IgG2b Monocytes, macrophages, granulocytes
CD44 P-BAG40A Wasington State University/PBOV2037 IgG3 Leukocytes
CD8α MIL-12 Serotec/MCA1223 IgG2a CTLs and NK-cells
CD3 SP7 Abcam/ab16669 Rabbit T-cells
CD21 LT21 Abcam/ab1090 IgG1 B-cells