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Table 1 Reptile species investigated within group A (obtained from routine diagnostic at IDEXX Vet Med Lab) and respective results obtained by applied two methods

From: Diagnosis of gastrointestinal parasites in reptiles: comparison of two coprological methods

Reptile number/common name Reptile species (scientific name) CNF SAF
Direct smears Flotation
1/tortoise Unspecified TRC OXY negative
2/tortoise Unspecified TRC OXY negative
3/bearded dragon Pogona vitticeps ENTA OXY negative
4/hermann's tortoise Testudo hermanni TRC OXY OXY
5/bearded dragon Pogona vitticeps - ISA ISA
6/bearded dragon Pogona vitticeps - OXY, MIL MALO
7/tortoise Unspecified TRC, OXYL OXY OXY
8/tortoise Unspecified TRC negative ENEM
9/bearded dragon Pogona vitticeps OXYL OXY negative
10/tortoise Unspecified TRC OXY OXY
11/tortoise Unspecified TRC, BAL negative BAL
12/tortoise Unspecified TRC, BAL, ENTA negative negative
13/tortoise Unspecified TRC, NYC ANH, OXY NYC, ANH, OXY
14/tortoise Unspecified BAL OXY BAL
15/tortoise Unspecified ENM, CIL, ENEM ENEM ENEM
16/tortoise Unspecified TRC, BAL OXY negative
17/tortoise Unspecified - OXY OXY
18/ball python Python regius - HET, CAP, EIMN, MYO HET, CAP, STE, EIMN, MYO, HYN
19/tortoise Unspecified NYC, OXYL OXY BAL, OXY, OXYL
20/hermann's tortoise Testudo hermanni ENTV OXY ENTV, ENTA
21/tortoise Unspecified TRC OXY OXY
22/snake Unspecified - EIMN ENTM
  1. -: no detection of flagellates, ciliates, amoebae, tapeworm/trematode eggs and nematode larvae; summary of result abbreviations in alphabetical order for Table 1, 2, 3: ACA (Acanthocephala-like eggs), ANH (Angusticaecum holopterum eggs), ASK (ascarid eggs), BAL (Balantidium cysts/trophozoites), CAR (Caryospora oocysts), CAP (capillarid eggs), CAPN (Capillaria hepatica-like eggs, rodent-specific), CEI (Choleoeimeria oocysts), CIL (free-living ciliates), DTR (digenean trematode eggs), EIM (Eimeria oocysts), EIMN (Eimeria oocysts, rodent-specific), ENEM (eggs/larvae of free-living nematodes), ENM (enteromonad trophozoites), ENTA (Entamoeba cysts, eight nuclei), ENTV (Entamoeba invadens-like cysts, four nuclei), ENTM (Entamoeba muris-like cysts, rodent specific), HET (heterakid eggs), HYN (Hymenolepis nana eggs, rodent specific), HYD (Hymenolepis diminuta eggs, rodent-specific), ISA (Isospora amphiboluri oocysts), ISO (Isospora oocysts), KAPS (Kapsulotaenia egg clusters), MALO Malamoeba cysts, invertebrate specific, MIL (environmental/food/storage mites or their eggs), MYO (rodent specific fur mites, Myocoptes/Myobia, or their eggs), NYC (Nyctotherus cysts/trophozoites), OXY (oxyurid eggs), OXYL (oxyurid larvae), OXYN (rodent specific oxyurid eggs, Aspiculuris/Syphacia), PEN (pentastomid eggs), SAR (Sarcocystis sporocysts), SPI (spirurid eggs), STE (strongylid-type egg), STL (strongylid-type larvae), STS (Strongyloides eggs), STSL (Strongyloides larvae), TRC (trichomonad trophozoites).