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Table 3 Reptile species investigated within group C (collected directly at the reptile owners domiciles in Switzerland) and respective results obtained by applied two methods

From: Diagnosis of gastrointestinal parasites in reptiles: comparison of two coprological methods

Reptile number/common name Reptilespecies (scientific name) CNF SAF
Direct smears Flotation
1/leaf-tailed gecko Uroplatus sp. NYC, DTR, STSL STS, EIM, MIL DTR, STL
2/spur-thighed tortoise Testudo graeca TRC OXY, ENEM OXY, ENEM
3/north african spiny-tailed lizard Uromastyx acanthinura STSL OXY OXY
4/plumed basilisk Basiliscus plumifrons - OXY DTR, OXY
5/mountain horned dragon Acanthosaura armata TRC CAP, HET CAP
6/ethiopian mountain adder Bitis parviocula TRC OXY, MYO DTR
7/black-mouthed mamba Dendroaspis polylepis - CAR, SAR CAR, SAR
8/kuhl's flying gecko Ptychozoon kuhli - ISO, OXY, PEN PEN
9/chinese water dragon Physignathus cocincinus DTR SPI DTR, HET
10/leopard gecko Eublepharis sp. - OXY negative
11/leopard gecko Eublepharis sp. DTR negative DTR
12/suriname redtail boa Boa c. constrictor Suriname - MYO STSL, MYO
13/chuckwalla Sauromalus obesus - OXY BAL, OXY
14/schneider's skink Eumeces schneideri - CEI, OXY, HET CEI
15/brook's house gecko Hemidactylus brookii - OXY, PEN EIM, DTR, OXY, PEN
16/jackson's chameleon Trioceros jacksonii - CEI, HET DTR
17/desert horned viper Cerastes cerastes - OXYN HYN
18/water monitor Varanus salvator - OXYN negative
19/malayan pit viper Calloselasma rhodostoma - MYO STL, MYO
  1. -: no detection of flagellates, ciliates, amoebae, tapeworm/trematode eggs and nematode larvae; summary of result codes in alphabetical order: see Table 1.