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Table 8 Energy intake of Labrador retrievers in the current study and a previous calorie restricted study

From: Exceptional longevity and potential determinants of successful ageing in a cohort of 39 Labrador retrievers: results of a prospective longitudinal study

Average daily intake of energyb Current study Calorie ‘restricted’ groupa
Expected Long Exceptional
MJ/day 5.88 5.84 5.56 5.15
kcal/day 1405 1397 1329 1230
Energy intake kcal/kg/day 46.2 46.2 48 ≈46.5
  1. aGroup of Labrador retrievers fed 25 % less than their ‘Control’ fed pair; Kealy et al. [19, 25] and Lawler et al. [2]
  2. bMetabolic energy of the test diet fed was 3669 kcal/kg based on a Modified Atwater calculation