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Table 4 Treatments of tail bitten pigs in Swedish pig farms, reported by farmers

From: A survey of straw use and tail biting in Swedish pig farms rearing undocked pigs

  Nursery units n = 23 Finishing pig units n = 38
Analgesia/pain killers 1 0
Antibiotics, kept in original pen 13 21
Antibiotics, moved to sick pen 3 14
Moved to sick pen without antibiotics if pig look healthy 0 2
Nothing 3 3
Other 6 4
  1. n is number of farmers answering the question
  2. Only farmers that had observed tail biting on their farm (23 nursery farmers and 38 finishing pig units) could answer the questions about causes for tail biting outbreaks. Each farmer could give several causes for tail biting outbreaks, which is why the number of causes could exceed the number of respondents