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Table 1 Histologic subtypes of human and canine osteosarcoma

From: Comparative review of human and canine osteosarcoma: morphology, epidemiology, prognosis, treatment and genetics

Species Caninea Humanb
Subtypes A. Central Osteosarcoma
 Osteosarcoma Low-grade central osteosarcoma
 a. Poorly differentiated Conventional
 b. Osteoblastic  Chondroblastic
  Nonproductive  Fibroblastic
  Productive  Osteoblastic
 c. Chondroblastic  Secondary
 d. Fibroblastic Telangiectatic
 e. Telangiectatic Small cell
 f. Giant cell type Parosteal
B. Peripheral Periosteal
 1. Periosteal osteosarcoma High grade surface
 2. Parosteal osteosarcoma  
  1. aBased on World Health Organization (WHO) International Histological Classification of Tumors of Domestic Animals [23]
  2. bBased on WHO Classification of Tumours of Bone [22]