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Table 3 Distribution (percentage) of variables linked to biosecurity for Swedish dairy herds participating in a questionnaire study of biosecurity and disease management in organic and conventional dairy production

From: Biosecurity and animal disease management in organic and conventional Swedish dairy herds: a questionnaire study

Variables Category Organic Conventional P valuea
Check the climate in the stable with respect to ventilation, humidity and temperature Not done 15.4 12.0 0.28
Might be done 22.0 32.0  
It is done 62.6 56.0  
(Re-)Evaluate that the interior of the stable is adapted for animal size and need Not done 8.8 10.2 0.55
Might be done 18.7 24.5  
It is done 72.5 65.3  
Let visitors only use clothes and shoes belonging to the farm Not done 3.3 8.1 0.37
Might be done 30.0 27.3  
It is done 66.7 64.6  
Closing farm to others other than veterinarians, advisors, and family members Not done 60.4 44.5 0.12
Might be done 27.5 36.6  
It is done 12.1 17.8  
Regular cleaning and disinfection of stables Not done 0.0 1.0 0.52
Might be done 6.6 9.0  
It is done 93.4 90.0  
  1. a Chi2