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Table 1 Blood samples and milk samples taken during year 2015 and 2016

From: Quantitative immunoassay for mink immunoglobulin in serum and milk

Year Farm Adult females No. adult female blood samples No. milk samples No. kit blood samples Kit age
2015 A 4 4 4 4–12 0–1 weeks
2015 B 4 4 4 4–12 0–1 weeks
2016 C 20 60a 40a 120b 0–23 days
2016 B 19c 57a 57a 112b 0–23 days
  1. aSamples taken once a week for 3 weeks
  2. bTwo kits were sampled from each litter once a week
  3. cOne mother lost all her kits and was excluded from the study and one litter lost all kits after second week of sampling