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Table 5 The results of the PCR-analysis of samples from 90 wild boars representing 30 populations given as % (numbers in brackets)

From: Distribution of enteropathogenic Yersinia spp. and Salmonella spp. in the Swedish wild boar population, and assessment of risk factors that may affect their prevalence

PCR-results Individual wild boars positive Local population with ≥ 1 positive wild boar
Positive for any pathogen 61.0% (55) 76.7% (23)
Positive for Y. enterocolitica 31.0% (28) 50.0% (15)
Positive for Y. pseudotuberculosis 24.4% (20) 46.7% (14)
Positive for Salmonella spp. 26.7% (23) 30.0% (9)
  1. The samples were analysed for the presence of the pathogens Y. enterocolitica, Y. pseudotuberculosis and Salmonella spp. An animal was deemed positive when at least one specimen was positive in the PCR