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Fig. 1

From: Clinical effects of constant rate infusions of medetomidine–propofol combined with sevoflurane anesthesia in Thoroughbred racehorses undergoing arthroscopic surgery

Fig. 1

Mean end-tidal sevoflurane concentration during maintenance of anesthesia. Horses were maintained with sevoflurane and CRI of either medetomidine (3.0 μg/kg/h) (Group M; n = 10); or medetomidine (3.0 μg/kg/h) and propofol (3.0 mg/kg/h) (Group MP3; n = 10); or medetomidine (3.0 μg/kg/h) and propofol (6.0 mg/kg/h) (Group MP6; n = 10). *Significant difference compared with Group M (P < 0.001). Significant difference compared with Group MP3 (P = 0.003)

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