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Table 1 Scale used for scoring adhesions present at necropsy in each group

From: Comparison of two different barbed suture materials for end-to-end jejuno-jejunal anastomosis in pigs

  Adhesion scoring
0 No adhesions
1 Solitary adhesion to/from omentum; fibrinous and avascular; adhesion easily released with gentle digital traction
2 Omental adhesions or solitary adhesion to adjacent viscera or body wall; fibrinous/unorganized and avascular; adhesions easily released with gentle digital traction
3 Same as (2) but adhesions are organized, dense, and vascularized; required blunt dissection to free
4 Adhesions (omental, visceral, body wall); well organized dense, vascularized; required sharp dissection to separate
5 Extensive organized adhesions requiring sharp adhesiolysis