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Table 1 Mean laser penetration through different tissues

From: Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Veterinary Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy; and the Summit of the American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians; and the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

Site Penetration (%)
Pinna 7.02 A
Inguinal region 6.56 A
Calcaneal Tendon 5.12 A, B
Triceps muscle 2.59 B, C
Distal Intervertebral space 2.56 B, C
Caudal vertebra 0.00 C
Proximal thigh 0.00 C
  1. Penetration through various tissues is not significantly different (P > 0.05) in tissues with the same letter. The greatest penetration was present through the pinna, while the lowest was in the caudal vertebra and proximal thigh