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TableĀ 1 Test teat disinfectant product code and active ingredient, as declared by the manufacturer on product label

From: Are some teat disinfectant formulations more effective against specific bacteria isolated on teat skin than others?

Code Product Ingredient Manufacturer/supplier
1 Lacto-cela 2.4% w/w lactic acid Biocel Ltd.
2 Duogolda 2% w/w lactic acid and 0.3% w/w chlorhexidine gluconate Gold Assure
3 Arkshielda 5% w/w lactic acid and 0.3% w/w chlorhexidine Ark Farm Innovations Ltd.
4 Super cow teat foama 0.6% w/w diamine Milk Solutions Ltd.
5 Sensodip 50a 0.5% w/w chlorhexidine GEA Farm Technologies Ltd.
6 PureChem chlorhexidinea 0.29% w/w chlorhexidine Central Chemical Supplies Ltd.
7 Kenomixb 0.0157% w/w chlorine dioxide CID Lines N.V.
8 Lanodip pre-posta 0.29% w/w iodine and 0.8% w/w lactic acid Kilco International Ltd.
9 Hypred quick spraya 2% w/w lactic and 0.1% w/w salicylic acid Grassland Agro Ltd.
10 Maxidine RTUb 0.5% w/w iodine Biocel Ltd.
  1. aPre- and post-milking application
  2. bPost-milking application only