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Table 3 Cronbach’s α for a Swedish Canine Orthopaedic Index

From: Adaptation of the Canine Orthopaedic Index to evaluate chronic elbow osteoarthritis in Swedish dogs

Item Cronbach’s α
Total instrument 0.89
Stiffness group 0.84
1. Stiffness in the morning 0.82
2. Stiffness during the day 0.78
3. Ability to rise to standing 0.82
5. General joint discomfort 0.78
15. Stiffness the day after moderate activity 0.81
Function group 0.78
6. Ability to jump up 0.73
7. Ability to jump down 0.72
8. Ability to climb up 0.75
9. Ability to climb down 0.71
Lameness group 0.90
11. Severity of lameness during mild activity 0.86
13. Severity of lameness during moderate activity 0.88
14. Lameness the day after moderate activity 0.86
16. Owner awareness of dog’s joint discomfort 0.87
QOL (quality of life) group 0.66
21. Decrease in general activity 0.88
22. Concerns about life length 0.88
Owner perception NA
20. QOL during the last month 0.89
  1. Cronbach’s α for the total instrument, for the four groups; stiffness, function, lameness and quality of life (italics text), and for all individual items separately (item-total correlation). Significant values > 0.7. Item-total correlations are the correlations of the individual item with the total scale