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Fig. 2 | Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica

Fig. 2

From: Concurrent pulmonary hypoplasia and congenital lobar emphysema in a young dog with tension pneumothorax: a rare congenital pulmonary anomaly

Fig. 2

Post-contrast dorsal (a) and transverse (bd) computed tomography scanning images of the thorax after emergent thoracocentesis. a Large volume of air is still identified in the left hemithorax. The left cranial lung lobe is hyperlucent and emphysematous with scant vascular markings (yellow arrows). Left cranial bronchus does not divide into cranial and caudal parts, and only the single lobar bronchus is identified in the left cranial lung lobe (white arrow). The white dotted lines and the lowercase letters b, c, and d represent the sections corresponding to the transverse images of bd respectively. bd Several round thin-walled pulmonary bullae of various sizes (red arrows) are observed in the hyperlucent and emphysematous left cranial lung lobe (yellow arrow)

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