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Fig. 3 | Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica

Fig. 3

From: Concurrent pulmonary hypoplasia and congenital lobar emphysema in a young dog with tension pneumothorax: a rare congenital pulmonary anomaly

Fig. 3

Intraoperative photograph of left fifth intercostal thoracotomy. a The left cranial lung lobe is overinflated with emphysema (white arrowheads) and small to large sized bullae (white arrows). b After removal of the left cranial lung lobe (yellow arrow), a totally collapsed left caudal lung lobe (white arrow) is identified, which re-inflated slowly (white arrowheads) after positive pressure ventilation. c The left cranial lung lobe is not divided, but a small tissue is identified at the cranial hilum of the excised lung (white arrow). d A line drawing illustration of the left lateral view of the lung shows that a normal size and shape of CrLtCr (dotted line) is not identified, and a hypoplastic lung is observed at the anatomical location of CrLtCr (bold solid line encircling gray hatching). (CrLtCr: Cranial part of left cranial lung lobe, CauLtCr: Caudal part of left cranial lung lobe, LtCau: Left caudal lung lobe)

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