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Fig. 1

From: Computed tomography angiography of a congenital extrahepatic splenocaval shunt in a foal

Fig. 1

Transverse computed tomographic images of the foal with a single extrahepatic portocaval shunt. The letters (a, b, c and d) denote the right side of the patient and a to d is cranial to caudal. a Cranial to the shunt the remaining portal vein (arrow) enters the liver and the caudal vena cava (asterisk) appears normal in size, shape and position. b A broad and short abnormal vessel arises from the combined caudal and cranial mesenteric veins (arrow), at the level of the junction of the splenic vein (arrowhead) and the mesenteric veins. c The shunt (arrow) merges with the caudal vena cava (asterisk) on the left side. d Caudal to the shunt the caudal vena cava is visible (asterisk)

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