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Fig. 4

From: Body weight at 10 years of age and change in body composition between 8 and 10 years of age were related to survival in a longitudinal study of 39 Labrador retriever dogs

Fig. 4

a Lean mass, fat mass, body weight and lean to fat ratio by age. The mean values and ± 1 standard deviation (bars) for lean mass (green line with dark red bars), and fat mass (grey line with orange bars), and mean body weight (blue line) as weight in grams on left y-axis and the lean to fat ratio (red line) on right y-axis, by age for 39 Labradors followed from a median age at the start of the study of 6.5 years until end-of-life. b Lean percent and fat percent by age. The mean values and ± 1 standard deviation (bars) for lean percent (red line with blue bars) and fat percent (orange line with green bars), by age for 39 Labradors age showed a similar pattern as lean and fat mass in a

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