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Fig. 6

From: Body weight at 10 years of age and change in body composition between 8 and 10 years of age were related to survival in a longitudinal study of 39 Labrador retriever dogs

Fig. 6

The longest living dog in the study pictured at 17 years of age illustrating the high level of healthspan accomplished by this dog. This was a male black Labrador called Utah, height at shoulders 55.9 cm, age at study start: 7.1 years, age at end-of-life 17.9 years. Body weight at 10 years = 28.1 kg, weight the month before end-of-life 28.8 kg, lean and fat body mass at 10 years: 21.4 and 5.8 kg, respectively (image courtesy of EUKANUBA®, UK)

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