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Table 2 Comparison of cut-offs used in the dichotomization of indicators of high lameness prevalence in 40 Danish dairy herds

From: Evaluation of the performance of register data as indicators for dairy herds with high lameness prevalence

Variables Cut-off
Pre-defined Optimized
Cow mortalitya (%) 5.7 3.6
Bulk milk SCCb (×1000 cells/mL) 245 214
Lean cows at slaughterc (%) 40 10
SD age at first calvingd (months) 2.4 2.0
  1. aCow mortality = annual mean cow mortality rate per 100 cow years
  2. bBulk milk SCC = annual mean bulk milk somatic cell count based on monthly or bimonthly recordings
  3. cLean cows = percent of cows with fat score 1 according to the EU Beef Carcase Classification
  4. dSD age at first calving = annual mean standard deviation