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Table 5 Results of stepwise addition of indicators given by the area under the curve (AUC), model fit by Akaike Information Criterion (AIC) and test for significant increase in model AUC (P-value) compared to the random curve

From: Evaluation of the performance of register data as indicators for dairy herds with high lameness prevalence

Indicators AUC P-value
Random curve 0.5
Cow mortality 0.76 0.03
Cow mortality + BMSCC 0.76 0.18
Cow mortality + BMSCC + lean cows at slaughter 0.78 0.76
Cow mortality + BMSCC + lean cows at slaughter +
SD age at first calving
0.78 0.65
  1. Indicators: Cow mortality = annual mean mortality rate per 100 cow years; BMSCC = bulk milk somatic cell count; lean cows at slaughter = proportion of cows per herd with a fat score 1 at slaughter; SD age at first calving = standard deviation of age at first calving