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Table 3 Modified scoring system for the visibility/distinction of anatomical structures, according to [18]

From: Magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography of equine cheek teeth and adjacent structures: comparative study of image quality in horses in vivo, post-mortem and frozen-thawed

ScoreCriteria for visibility of anatomical structures: Structures …Criteria for tissue or contour distinction (differentiation): Contours…/Tissues…
0… not visible… not distinguishable
1… poorly visible, but detectable; identified by its location and signal intensity, not by margins, shape or size… distinguishable, but often blurred
2… clearly identified by its location, signal intensity and shape, margins not clearly delineated… well distinguished and seldom blurred
3… very well visualized and clearly delineated by location, shape, signal intensity/density, size and margins… very well distinguished and sharply defined