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Table 2 Ethogram used for the evaluation of live-trap capture of wild boar in a corral-style trap

From: Wild boar behaviour during live-trap capture in a corral-style trap: implications for animal welfare

Behavioural categories Behaviour of focal individual Behavioural descriptions
Rest Resting Lying down, usually together with others. The behaviour is preceded by bedding behaviour performed in a calm way
Still Standing still Standing without any foraging attempts or taking maximum two steps
Forage Foraging Foraging behaviour including searching, rooting, eating and scraping with forelegs
Active Walking Walking with short pauses, exploring the environment within the trap, or interacting with other individuals in an exploratory or neutral way
  Moving fast Moving fast and pauses between the fast movements are less than five seconds
  Chasing Chasing or being chased by another individual
  Biting Biting or being bitten by another individual
Escape Biting mesh wall Biting the mesh wall
  Rearing against wall Rearing up on its back legs and putting the front legs on the wall or the door
  Charging into wall Charging into the mesh wall or door with the snout or other body parts