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Table 1 Overview of studies on optimal age for group housing of dairy calves

From: The effect of age when group housed and other management factors on playing and non-nutritive sucking behaviour in dairy calves: a cross sectional observational study

Reference Calves’ ages when tested Age when group housed (A) Age when group housed (B)
Abdelfattah et al. [14] 3 days to 7 weeks 2 to 3 days 7 to 14 days
Duve and Jensen [12] 5 weeks 1 day 3 weeks
Jensen and Larsen [13] 6 weeks 1 day 2 weeks
Bolt et al. [9] 6 weeks 5 days 5 weeks
Costa et al. [15] 4 to 10 weeks 6 days 6 weeks
Meagher et al. [16] 7 weeks 6 days 6 weeks
Rasmussen et al. [17] 1 to 4 weeks 6 days 2 weeks
  1. The ages marked with bold italic indicates that this age had a benefit over the age without marking. The ages written with italics indicates no differences between the two ages, or that there are advantages and disadvantages for both ages