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Table 4 Real and proportional time spent performing play and non-nutritive sucking behaviour

From: The effect of age when group housed and other management factors on playing and non-nutritive sucking behaviour in dairy calves: a cross sectional observational study

  Max Min Mean Median
Play 310 s 17.2% 0 s 0% 21 s 1.5% 5 s 0.3%
Non-nutritive sucking 1353 s 79.5% 0 s 0% 223 s 16.3% 145 s 10.1%
  1. Total duration in s of the total observational period, and total proportions, in percentage of the accurate observation period (which for non-nutritive sucking behaviour is excluded time spent performing NIB) for all calves (n = 176), for play and non-nutritive sucking