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Table 2 Results from Farm A–C compared to national average

From: Association between Fur Animal Necrotizing Pyoderma in breeding farm mink (Neovison vison) and reduced fertility

Colour type Pearl beige/palomino Silverblue Brown Total
Avg. Kits Pct. BaF Avg. Kits Pct. BaF Avg. Kits Pct. BaF Avg. Kits Pct. BaF (%)
National average/mated female 5.12/5.33 10.12%/8.52% 5.66 7.64% 5.6 7.64% 5.33 8.69
Farm A 5.12/5.61 10.65%/6.67% 5.33 8.90
Farm B 5.7 7.7% 5.01 9.90
Farm C 6.1 4.9% 6.01 10.5
  1. It shows the production result from the different farm and compares them to the national average. *Avg. Kits is the average kits per mated female. BaF = percentage of barren females. The national average is data from Kopenhagen fur based on 2.1 million mink. For the individual farms A–C (the last three rows), the data on the different colour types are based upon all mink of same colour, not just the ones included in this study, e.g. all brown mink on farm C. The data in the “Total” column are the combined results of all colour types on the farm