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Table 1 Current strength between two electrodes at an applied voltage of 11.4 V (f = 50 Hz) testing different positions of electrodes

From: Electrocution as an alternative euthanasia method to blunt force trauma to the head followed by exsanguination for non-viable piglets

Placement of electrodes Current strength (mA) through the body
Computer model Dead piglet
On the left eye and in the brain 1.14 8.23
Between the left ear and eye and in the brain 1.06 5.27
On the left ear and in the brain 1.45 7.55
On both sides of the chest behind the elbows 0.71 11.33
Above the sternum and the withers 0.61 7.43
Above the withers and in the heart 1.07 2.73
Above the sternum and in the heart 1.15 4.67
On the left side of the chest behind the elbow and in the heart 2.27 3.50