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Table 1 Grading system for CODD according to Angell et al. [10]

From: First report on outbreaks of contagious ovine digital dermatitis in Sweden

Grade Description
1 Focal lesion, either proliferative or erosive/ulcerative, affecting the digital skin and coronary band. No underrunning of the hoof capsule
2 Separation between the hoof capsule and the lamellae affecting < 50 % of the hoof wall. Swollen digits. Subcorneal tissue haemorrhagic often with purulent material adherent. Foul smell
3 As grade 2 but affecting 50–100 % of the hoof wall
4 Horn beginning to regrow. Exposed subcorneal tissue roughened, haemorrhagic/necrotic, friable and easily traumatised. Affected digits often distinctly swollen and shortened
5 Horn regrown, surface smooth but distorted by circumferential ridges or creases. Digit often still wide and short