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Table 1 Overview of the clinical characteristics, final diagnosis and tumour location for the dogs necropsied with primary appendicular osteosarcoma based on haematoxylin & eosin staining and controls included in the prospective study

From: Early immunohistochemical detection of pulmonary micrometastases in dogs with osteosarcoma

Case Breed Sex Age -years Final diagnosis Location of primary tumour
1 Mixed breed M 1 Osteosarcoma Left distal radius
2 Schnauzer F 8 Osteosarcoma, osteoblastic Right distal radius
3 Newfoundland dog M 8 Osteosarcoma Left distal radius
4 Siberian husky M 3 Osteosarcoma, fibroblastic Left proximal humerus
5 Irish wolfhound F 6 Osteosarcoma Right distal tibia
6 English setter M 8 Osteosarcoma Right distal ulna
7 Pointer F 4 Osteosarcoma Left distal tibia
8 Shar Pei M 11 Osteosarcoma Right proximal humerus
9 Rottweiler F 9 Osteosarcoma, osteoblastic Left proximal humerus
10 German shepherd F 3 Osteosarcoma, osteoblastic Left distal radius
11 Flat-coated retriever M 3 Osteosarcoma Left distal radius
12 Leonberger M 6 Osteosarcoma Left distal radius
13 Dalmatian M 8 Urolithiasis N.A
14 Shetland Sheepdog F 1 Behavioural problems N.A
  1. N.A Not applicable