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Table 1 Antibodies used in this study and related features

From: Undifferentiated laryngeal carcinoma with hyaline bodies in a cat

Target Marker Clone Dilution Secondary antibody Manufacturer
Epithelial markers panCK AE1/AE3 1:100 Mouse Dakocytomation
CK8/18 5D3 1:30 Mouse Novocastra
CK5/6 D5/I6 B4 1:50 Mouse Invitrogen
Myoepithelial markers p63 4A4 1:200 Mouse Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc
Calponin Calp 1:200 Mouse Dakocytomation
Mesenchymal marker Vimentin V9 1:150 Mouse Dakocytomation
(Neuro)endocrine markers Neurofilament 2F11 1:100 Mouse Invitrogen
Chromogranin NS55 1:50 Rabbit Dakocytomation
Lymphoid markers CD3 F7238 1:50 Mouse Dakocytomation
CD20 L6 1:800 Mouse Leica Biosystems