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Table 1 Definitions of terms associated with mortality used in this article

From: Overview of the practices of on-farm emergency slaughter of cattle in the Nordic countries



On-farm mortality

The death of an animal on farm, irrespective of the manner in which it died. Home slaughter, euthanasia, OFES as well as unassisted/uncontrolled death

Home slaughter

Animal is slaughtered on farm without a veterinary ante-mortem inspection. Meat may be used domestically—but sale is prohibited

On-farm emergency slaughter (OFES)

Animal is slaughtered on farm having passed an ante-mortem veterinary inspection. The carcass is transported to a slaughterhouse whereby it undergoes a post-mortem inspection. Sale of the meat allowed

Casualty slaughter

The slaughter of a sick or injured animal at a slaughterhouse. The animal undergoes normal ante-mortem and post-mortem controls. Sale of meat allowed


The killing of an animal with no intention of human consumption