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Table 2 Results of logistic regression analysis of cubicle refusal and rearing accommodation as risk factors for mastitis during the first 30 days after calving. (The total number of heifers in the population at risk was 399. Analysis not possible for 58 records due to missing values for at least one variable) Models: MAST = a1 + b1SLATS; MAST = a2 + b2CUBREF an being the regression constant (general mean), and bn the regression coefficient of the independent variable.

From: Cubicle Refusal and Rearing Accommodation as Possible Mastitis Risk Factors in Cubicle-Housed Dairy Heifers

Name of term Explanation a b SE P OR c.i.95%(OR)
SLATS Rearing accommodation of heifer (1 = group pen, 0 = other) -2.72 -0.03 0.68 0.97 0.97 0.26–3.69
CUBREF Cubicle refusal throughout the final week of pregnancy (1 = yes, 0 = no) -3.01 0.80 0.46 0.08 2.23 0.92–5.44