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The Relationship Between Parturient Paresis and Fat Cow Syndrome in Dairy Cows

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Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica200344 (Suppl 1) :P135

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  • Calcium
  • Cholesterol
  • Serum Sample
  • Calcium Concentration
  • Liver Biopsy

This study was conducted to find out the association between parturient parasis and fatty liver. For tis purpose, 20 dairy cows with parturient paresis and 10 healthy were used. Ionized and normalized calcium concentrations in the plasma and blood pH, HCO3, PO2, BE values and metabolic profile (P, Mg, Na, K, ALT, fosfolipid, protein, CPK, albumine, cholesterol) in the serum samples were evaluated in order to reach a diagnostic and therapeutic results in dairy cows with parturient paresis. All the cows (were subjected to clinical and laboratory examinations and percutaneous liver biopsy were provided.

The blood pH, HCO3, BE, ICa++, TCa++, P, Mg, ALT and fosfolipid concentrations were significantly (p < 0.001) lower, and the value of CPK was significantly (p < 0.001) elevated in dairy cows with parturient paresis.

The evaluation of biopsy specimens of the both dairy cows with parturient paresis and healthy dairy cows revealed that, 70 percent of cows in dairy cows with parturient paresis had varying degrees of fatty liver while healthy cows no evidence of fatty liver.

Authors’ Affiliations

Selçuk University, Faculty of Vet. Med, Turkey


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