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Effects of Phosphorus in the Prevention of Savoy Cabbage Poisoning in Cattle

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Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica200344 (Suppl 1) :P83

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Kale poisoning is one of the important natural hepatotoxins. And it is well know where these plants are grown for fodder and in same areas it is no longer used because of the danger. The overall prevalence of poisoning is probably not great but on individual forms the number affected is usually significant, and the mortality rate is high.

In this study, the effects of kale poisoning and administration of organic phosphorus on preventation of toxic effects of this plant in cow were studied.

This study was performed on 4 native heifers. The animals were divided in two groups. Clinical signs were examined daily and blood samples were collected every other day.

The blood samples were used to determine values of Hb, PCV, RBC, MCV, MCH, WBC, billirubin, AST, ALT and ALP. The levels of blood phosphorus were measured, too.

In group one, 2 heifers were fed only by savoy cabbage. These animals show hemoglubinuria and elevation of serum enzymes (AST, ALT&ALP) and bilirubin after 12–13 days. The heinz body were seen in the blood smears before the observation of hemoglubinuria. Also, PCV, Hb and RBCs decreased. At this time, the level of blood phosphorus was below normal.

In group two, 2 heifers were fed only by Savoy cabbage but an injection of organic phosphorus were administrated when the level of blood phosphorus reached below normal. After three month these animals (group 2) didn't show the clinical signs of toxicity and the Heinz bodies were not seen in the blood smears. The blood levels of the serum enzymes and other parameters were normal. We confirmed that there is a correlation between the level of blood phosphorus and the progression of the kale poisoning. So the injection of organic phosphorus can prevent or at least delay the kale poisoning. It is just in accordance with results of previous studies reported in the literature.

Authors’ Affiliations

Dept. Of Clinical Science, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Shahid Chamran University, Ahwaz, Iran


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